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East Japan Railway Company (Nagano Branch)
We disseminate information about the digital tourism service "Tabisuru Kitashinano." "Tabisuru Kitashinano" is a service that allows you to purchase and use in advance various tickets for tourist facilities, ski resorts, etc. in the Kita-Shinano area of ​​Nagano Prefecture, as well as transportation electronic tickets that provide convenient access to sightseeing spots. [Service area] Nagano City, Obuse Town, Yamanouchi Town, Nozawa Onsen Village Iiyama City, Suzaka City, Takayama Village

"Tabisuru Kitashinano" provides services that make traveling more convenient and comfortable with just a smartphone. [Things you can do while Tabisuru Kitashinano] ①Travel planning service: You can create your own travel plan based on recommended model courses. ②Electronic transportation tickets: Purchase free passes for trains and buses in advance on your smartphone without going to the counter. You can easily use it by simply showing the screen of your purchased ticket. ③Tourist e-ticket: Purchase admission tickets for tourist facilities in advance using your smartphone. Available at a discount from the regular price. ④ EKITOMA TICKET: An electronic ticket costing 500 yen each that can be used in various situations such as "seeing, eating, buying, and playing" while traveling. Enjoy special menus and benefits for each store. ⑤ Rental car reservation: You can reserve a rental car at a special price to increase your travel freedom. Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Japan and is surrounded by high mountains. It is an attractive tourist destination with rich nature and historical spots. Please enjoy sightseeing in Nagano Prefecture conveniently and comfortably using the digital tourism service " Tabisuru Kitashinano ."

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