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Nagatoro Town
2 hours from the city center. Refresh yourself with the four seasons of nature that you can enjoy with all five senses!

Nagatoro Town is a scenic spot located in the northwestern part of Saitama Prefecture and the northeastern part of the Chichibu Basin. The Arakawa River runs through the center of the town, displaying the beauty of the valley as Nagatoro, a nationally designated place of scenic beauty and natural monument. Sightseeing spots include Nagatoro Iwatatami, a geological sacred site, and Hodosan Shrine, one of Chichibu's three shrines. As for gourmet food, there are plenty of dishes unique to Nagatoro, such as ``shaved ice made with natural ice'' and ``ayu dishes,'' as well as cafes that use tofu and gourmet food that combines pork miso and galedo. Why not try a variety of them! We will introduce recommended spots, gourmet food, and hidden sights in Nagatoro, a city blessed with nature and where you can feel the breath of ancient times.

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