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Chiyoda Town
A beautiful town that is friendly to people

Chiyoda Town is a flat land that stretches from east to west along the left bank of the middle reaches of the Tone River, and is a town rich in water and greenery, located within 60 kilometers from Tokyo. It is located at the neck of Gunma Prefecture in the shape of a dancing crane, with Meiwa Town to the east, Tatebayashi City and Oura Town to the north, Oizumi Town to the west, and Saitama Prefecture (Gyoda City and Kumagaya City) to the south across the Tone River. We are in touch. The presence of ancient tombs dotted around the hilly area in the west suggests that large-scale settlements were established in the area from ancient times and that the area had a thriving culture. From the Middle Ages to early modern times, it was a central area for the Sanuki and Akai clans, and during the Edo period it boasted a prosperous history as a base for water transport to Edo using the Tone River. On March 31, 1955, Eiraku Village, Tominaga Village, and Nagara Village merged to create Chiyoda Village, and on September 30, 1955, the former Nagara Village was separated and incorporated into Nakajima Village, but after that. The town developed steadily and became Chiyoda Town on April 1, 1980, when it became a town. It is a town that has developed through a high level of integration of agriculture and industry, with agriculture centered on rice and wheat cultivation using the abundant water provided by the Tone River, and two industrial parks.

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