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Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai Hall
A museum of "Kanazawa geiko(geisha)" and geisha-house where you can experience a full-fledged "Ozashiki" (watch Kanazawa geiko dance and eat)!

Kanazawa is the number one tourist city in the Hokuriku region. The history and traditional crafts that have been handed down continuously, the beautiful townscape, and the rich food culture such as sushi and seafood attract many tourists. Located at the entrance to Higashi Chaya District, a particularly popular area in Kanazawa, this facility introduces the culture of geisha-houses and Kanazawa Geiko(geisha) through panels, actual exhibits, dioramas, and videos. We deliver the charm of the Asanogawa area, which is full of atmosphere and culture. At the "Ozashiki Stage" on the 2nd floor, a full-fledged "Ozashiki Experience" by Kanazawa Geisha (appreciating Kanazawa Geiko dancing and eating) is held from time to time, which is very popular with foreign customers. Please check the website for details.

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