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Pilgrimage to Japan's sacred places of food/NARA
We offer tours that allow you to experience the roots and DNA of Japanese food that is still alive in Nara. We have a variety of experiential programs that allow you to experience and enjoy the origins of Japanese food and sake in modern times.

We offer special experiential tours that allow travelers from all over the world visiting Japan, especially those who are interested in Japanese food, to experience and taste the roots of Japanese food culture. We were formed by a team of tourism-related businesses in Nara with the aim of introducing the charm of Nara and the roots of Japanese food that live in Nara. This is an activity recognized by the Japanese government's Tourism Agency. Japanese cuisine has become a world heritage site, and sake is also about to become a world heritage site. How did Japanese food come into being? Where are the roots of Japanese sake? A trip to Nara will satisfy that curiosity. In Nara, the culture from 1,300 years ago is not just a heritage, but is still alive today. The roots of Japanese cuisine and Japanese sake, as well as the temples where Japanese sake originated, still exist, and you can still enjoy these foods and sake even today. We will help you realize such a valuable experience. Please come and experience the tours we offer. You will experience a trip to Japan that no one around you in your country has ever experienced. Official site: (Japanese) (English)

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