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Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
Escape from Tokyo ~ A journey that begins at Kooriyama, the gateway to Tohoku travel

It takes at least 76 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. There are hotels around Koriyama Station that can accommodate a total of 8,000 people, and there are plenty of experiences that take advantage of the urban area. You can also enjoy Japanese-style nighttime content such as bars and snacks. You can also feel the grandeur of nature by moving north, south, east, and west. In Koriyama City, which was developed by drawing water from Lake Inawashiro, which is also a national park, has natural scenery such as Japan's oldest cherry blossoms, and is also recognized as a story of Japanese heritage, you can enjoy food culture and activities such as sake and fermentation. You can experience it. We look forward to your visit as the starting point of your trip to Tohoku.

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