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Kirameki Agency,Inc.
We want to deliver Japanese entertainment to the world from Nikko, a city visited by tourists from all over the world.

Nikko Momijiza is a new entertainment hall that opened in the spring of 2023. We deliver Japanese entertainment in the world heritage area where Nikko Toshogu Shrine is located. Kabuki and Noh are widely known traditional Japanese performing arts, but there are many other traditional performing arts in Japan. The performances held at Nikko Momijiza are "Taishu Engeki''. It is an entertainment that originated from Kabuki hundreds of years ago during the Edo period, when samurai and ninjas existed. While Kabuki continues to uphold tradition and maintain a performance style that has not changed since ancient times, "Taishu Engeki'' has evolved with the times by incorporating trends. There are two types of shows: dance shows and period dramas. Dance shows are not just about dancing to traditional Japanese slow-tempo music. Actors wearing modern kimonos perform hip-hop dances to world hits such as Queen and Michael Jackson. The actors change their costumes and make-up one after another and dance to various songs within arm's reach, which is popular among tourists from all over the world. Historical dramas are performed only in Japanese, and the programs change daily. Customers from overseas enjoy watching the story with their own eyes while imagining the story, but period dramas that sometimes feature characters such as ninjas and samurai who don't exist in modern times, and that feature sword fights and comedy skits are quite different from other historical dramas. It's one of those shows that you can't enjoy. Normally "Taishu Engeki'' shows run for three to four hours, but they are divided into shorter shows so that travelers can casually watch a play while visiting temples and shrines. This is the only theater in Japan where you can casually enjoy "Taishu Engeki'' while sightseeing!

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