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A restaurant located 3 minutes walk from Seibu Chichibu Station. A dining bar where we recommend sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and smoked meats for dinner.

Opened in Chichibu in September 2022 This is a restaurant where the atmosphere changes dramatically between morning, noon and night. Start your morning off right with a drink and fragrant freshly baked bread! On weekdays only, drinks come with free breakfast. For lunch, enjoy a hearty sandwich made with carefully selected sauces and toppings, along with potatoes and salad. We always have 9 types of sandwiches available. You can enjoy luxurious products made from freshly baked bread. At night, smoked snacks and You can enjoy alcoholic beverages such as Ichiro's malt. Roast beef bowl, chicken steak, etc. This is a dining bar where you can also eat. The store is lit with lanterns, We welcome you in a calm atmosphere.

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