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Tako Town
Tako Town, the closest countryside in the world

Tako Town is located in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture, where the Hokuso Plateau spreads out, to the east of Japan's main gateway, Narita Airport. Along the Kuriyama River, which runs through the center of the town, visitors are welcomed by the Hydrangea Promenade, where you can enjoy beautiful rural scenery and seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, and cosmos. Agricultural products grown in fertile soil, such as Tako rice, which has been awarded the best taste in Japan, and Yamato imo, which boasts one of the highest production volumes in the country, are the blessings of Tako that bring happiness. We will tell you all about the charm of Tako Town, which is located just the right distance from the city center, yet is rich in nature and steeped in history.

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