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Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association
Cultural Village of Health and Longevity

Kitanakagusuku Village is a small village on the small island of Okinawa. This village, with a population of about 17,000, is a village where women live long lives and are very active. Daily life is quite simple. Enjoy the bounty of the land as it is, gather with your neighbors, laugh, and talk. In villages that have not yet become urbanized and still have narrow alleys, there are small garden plots where vegetables are shared among neighbors. When we can't see each other's faces, we all call out to each other and ask, ``What are you doing?'' The lives of grandparents are never difficult, competitive, or lonely. There are ``small kindnesses'' in everyday life. There is a lot of wellness (good health) in the life of Kitanakagusuku Village. Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa Prefecture is a wellness village where your mind and body will shine.

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