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Yokohama Shunsaika
Exchange program with Japanese people in Yokohama for foreign residents in Japan Free trial tour of cultural and culinary experiences in Yokohama [January 2024].

This is an experience plan associated with the Sugita Plum Grove and Sugita plum trees in Sugita, Isogo Ward, which was once the most popular ume viewing spot in the Kanto region. At Hitorizawa Terrace, a restaurant located 50 minutes from Yokohama in a farm, participants will experience Japanese food culture through "miso making," "vegetarian cooking by a renowned chef," "medicinal Chinese cuisine using Japanese ingredients," and "harvesting winter vegetables in Hitorizawa and a meal of rice balls and tempura. In the "Yokohama Traditional Culture Workshop," participants will enjoy meditation and sutra chanting at Myohoji Temple, where the Sugita plum tree still remains, a tea ceremony and Nodate experience in the temple grounds, singing and dancing by Yokohama geisha, and a kaiseki meal using Sugita plum trees. We are looking for 3 pairs of trial tour for each course for the following experience in Yokohama for foreigners living in Japan. Please apply via Google Form. Please do not cancel your application after you have been selected. ◆trial tour 1.Life with Sugita Ume: Cooking with Sugita Ume ①January 11 (Thu): 【Shojin-ryori (vegetarian meal) Workshop】A life with Sugita Plum Shojin-ryori and Sugita Plum (3 pairs) ②January 13 (Saturday): 【Yakuzen Workshop】 A life with Sugita Plum Yakuzen Chinese cooking and Sugita Plum (3 pairs) ③January 14(Thursday):Temae-miso making workshop(3 pairs) ④February 6(Tuesday): Winter Vegetable Harvest, and tempura and rice-ball lunch in Hitorizawa, Yokohama (3 pairs) 2. Yokohama Traditional Culture Workshop January 27 (Saturday): Japanese Traditional Culture Workshop in Isogo, Yokohama <Group Plans/Evening Program> (3 pairs) ◆Number of applicants 3 pairs for each course (English-speaking guides will accompany each pair) ◆Entry requirements (1) Foreigners living in or visiting Japan who are 16 years of age or older (If there are 3 or more foreigners, the accompanying Japanese person will also be invited free of charge) (2) Those who can spread the official Instagram and post a video of their experience on their own SNS. Those who are willing to fill out a simple questionnaire on the web. ◆Application Deadline 3 days prior to each tour date If there are too many applications, the participants will be selected by lottery. Please apply as early as possible. ◆Application Method Please apply from the following ◆For inquiries, please contact Sugita Plum Grove Executive Committee for "Ume no Machi Sugita" (Plum Town Sugita) Email: ◆Related URL Official Instagram: Official HP (English):

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