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enwsp pearl jewelry & cosmetics
Pearl jewelry and cosmetics brand with 30 years of pearl wholesale experience

Our company has been in the pearl wholesale business for over 30 years, so Including pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry for ceremonial occasions, which is a good old Japanese tradition. Skin care brands specializing in pearl beauty ingredients such as “madama・hada” and “PEARLDAYS” We have the largest selection of pearl products available anywhere. The price of pearls varies greatly depending on their color, shape, size, length, quality, etc. In fact, most customers don't know what to choose. At our store, we will answer any concerns or questions you may have, and ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Our knowledgeable pearl professionals will do their best to support you. In addition, enwsp's concept is ``to feel free to wear really good things every day.'' We have pearl jewelry with various designs and concepts, We offer new ways to enjoy pearls.

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