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Iwabitsu Sanada Ninja Museum “Ninpaku”
An experiential ninja mini theme park close to Kusatsu Onsen, Ikaho Onsen, and Shima Onsen

With the motto "Don't you have fun playing with history!?", we will explore Japan's outstanding historical culture, ninjas, Sengoku Sanada, and Iwabitsu Castle , which were hidden in Higashi-Agatsuma town, Gunma Prefecture. We offer authentic experiential sightseeing. Speaking of ninjas, we think of Sarutobi Sasuke and Kirigakure Saizo's "Sanada Ten Braves." Higashi-Agatsuma town of " the Agatsuma Sanada Ninja ", which was the model for this. There are historical sites and folklore that leave behind their footprints and activities, and there are also descendants who can tell you stories. Ninjas are associated with superhuman physical abilities and martial arts, but in Higashi-Agatsuma town cho there is a real image that goes beyond that. This is a small facility where you can play and learn through exhibits and hands-on experiences that tell the true story of Shugen monks like Yamabushi, ninjas who are experts in medicine, and ninjas who were respected by the local people who risked their lives to survive. Approximately 300 ninja weapons and tools are on permanent display. All the items are authentic, collected not only from Agatsuma but also from all over the country. In addition to shurikens and kusarigama, there is a wide array of actual equipment that tells the story of ninja activities, such as tools for infiltration and destruction, fugue tools, contraption weapons, and ninjutsu books. On the exhibition floor, projection mapping and floor interactives depicting the Agatsuma Sanada Ninja are occasionally shown, and the ceiling lights also move while changing colors, creating a space that resembles a chemical ninja art. It is designed so that even those who are not interested in it can enjoy it. When you leave the exhibition floor and head to the attraction floor, there is a shuriken experience corner where you can try throwing iron shuriken at a target. If you pour your daily stress into the target, all your worries and worries will be blown away. Beyond that is VR Chanbara "VS Sanada Yukimura". You can experience for yourself the strength of Yukimura Sanada's army, which was called ``Japan's best soldiers'' during the Sengoku period. It is a battle game that can be experienced by children aged 7 and up and is exciting for both children and adults. Further inside, there is also a laser shuriken shooting showdown where players are divided into two teams and aim at sensor-equipped targets using shuriken terminals that emit lasers. A safe and easy attraction that even small children can enjoy. When you go up to the second floor, a sensor-linked laser trap network will appear in the room. If you pretend to be a ninja or a spy and complete the mission by dodging the lasers within the time limit, you too will become a fine Agatsuma ninja. Around the perimeter of the facility, there is a memorial monument for the Agatsuma seven knights of Azuma. After enjoying Ninpaku, please report to this monument that you became an Agatsuma ninja.

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