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New Japan Tourist Co., Ltd.
We will propose an extraordinary tour to Japan that remains in the memories of customers all over the world and will makes customers feel they want to visit again and again!

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has calmed down, New Japan Tourist is conducting an inbound business that focuses on planning and proposing tours to Japan based in the lively Hokuriku area, where the number of tourists visiting Japan has increased. With regard to group tours, we have a history of more than 50 years since our founding and a wealth of experience, allowing us to accommodate departure and arrival destinations throughout Japan. We also plan and develop excursions and experiential recruitment tours within the prefecture and neighboring prefectures, starting from and arriving at Kanazawa City and Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture, which are booming in terms of inbound tourism. In particular, we focus on the originality and uniqueness of Japanese culture, as well as the undiscovered beauty of local areas (such as Hokuriku's seafood and rich nature, and Kanazawa's beautiful landscapes and traditional performing arts with a high sense of aesthetics). The content is exciting. In today's world where the number of diverse tour guests is increasing, we plan and propose attractive, high-quality tours that incorporate SDGs, diversity, and ecotourism into the content, and provide them to our guests. By conducting surveys for each tour, we verify the feedback from our guests and use it to grow and advance the industry. We will strive to give back to the local community, all of Japan, and even the world. Furthermore, in the Hokuriku area, there are currently almost no local travel companies focusing on inbound tourism. Our company is determined to take on the challenge of becoming a leading inbound company in the Hokuriku region.

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