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Odate Gurumi Onsen Village

Japan, Part of Odate City, Akita Prefecture 018-5601

Odate Gurumi Onsenkyo is located in Odate City, which is located in the northern part of Akita Prefecture, adjacent to Aomori Prefecture. In the southeastern part of the city is Otaki Onsen, which boasts the longest history in the prefecture and was used by the lord of Akita as a hot spring resort. To the east is Yukisawa Onsen, known for its beautiful Nagaki Valley with fresh greenery and autumn foliage. To the north lies the border with Aomori Prefecture. Yatate Onsen is surrounded by Yatate Pass, which is known for its beautiful forest of natural Akita cedar. To the west is Tashiro Onsen, an independent inn located at the foot of Mt. Tashiro, which belongs to the Shirakami Mountains. As the birthplace of the Akita dog, Odate Gurumi Onsen Village has the "Akita Dog Village" in front of JR Odate Station, where you can meet the charm of Odate and meet Akita dogs. In addition, there are many hot spring inns and restaurants that serve kiritanpo, a famous local dish.

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Telephone number 0186-43-7072
  • JR Odate Station. Tohoku Expressway Kosaka JCT → Akita Expressway 5-10 minutes from Odate Kita IC. 25 minutes by car from Odate Noshiro Airport (45 minutes by limousine bus).
Language 日本語
Other (Otaki) Sodium/Calcium-Sulfate/Chloride Spring (Yukisawa) Calcium/Sodium Sulfate Spring (Yatate) Sodium/Calcium - Chloride spring (Tashiro) sodium/calcium-chloride spring (Okatsu Onsen) Sodium/Calcium-Sulfate Spring
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