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Hatage Onsen

Japan, Part of Kannami Town, Shizuoka Prefecture

Hatage and Nagoya are quiet hot springs located in the Kano River basin, downstream of the Kakizawa River, in a spacious countryside. Nearby are the Nirayama reverberatory furnace, where hundreds of large and small cannons were cast at the end of the Edo period, the ruins of Nirayama Castle, which was the residence of Soun Hojo, and the ruins of Hirugakojima Island, where Minamoto no Yoritomo was exiled. A monument is built. In addition, the Yamaki Ruins, where many valuable materials related to agriculture from 2,000 years ago have been unearthed, the Ganjojuin Temple built by Hojo Tokimasa, the Egawa House, the birthplace of Tarozaemon Egawa, a genius at the end of the Edo period who built the Nirayama reverberatory furnace, and the national government. The designated remains of the Kashiwadani Caves are the remains of graves dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries, and have been maintained as a park where you can enjoy a stroll. In addition, there are plenty of historical and natural attractions such as Nagoya's Kokuseiji Temple, Bishamon-do Hall, and the wooden Amida Nyorai Triad, a nationally designated important cultural property. Spring in Izu comes early, and in January you can see strawberries and melons being cultivated here and there, and you can enjoy picking strawberries in Mt. In the summer, there are many fun things to do, such as sweetfish fishing in the Kano River, and it is crowded with families. It is a hot spring town with a rural atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons, such as autumn, when the pampas grass sways, and winter, when Mt. Fuji can be seen covered in pure white snow.

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Telephone number 055-979-8173
Website http://www.kannami.net/
  • 15 minutes by bus from Kannami Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line. 15 minutes by bus from Izu Hakone Railway Oba Station.
Language 日本語
Other Simple hot spring
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