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Sanbe Onsen

Japan, 〒6940222 Shigaku, Sanbe-cho, Ota City, Shimane Prefecture

Mt. Sanbe, which occupies the western part of Daisen Oki National Park, is a toroide-type volcano located in the center of Shimane Prefecture. It is also mentioned in the "Kunibiki myth" in the "Izumo Fudoki".  Sanbe Onsen, located at the southern foot of Mt. Sanbe, offers a sense of well-being suitable for a health resort in an abundance of hot springs and a rustic environment. The area around Sanbe Onsen is a place with a lot of fog. It is one of the specialties of Mt. Sanbe's Nishinohara also has a cross-country course where you can enjoy picnics, mountain climbing, and picking bracken in early spring. In Kitanohara, there is a campsite where you can camp with an auto camp, a cabin, and a Komorebi Square with an athletic course. At the Sanbe Nature Museum, in addition to various exhibitions, a powerful full-dome movie and a planetarium are shown on a 20m dome screen. are doing. Nearby attractions include the Sanbe Azukibara Buried Forest Park, which preserves and exhibits a giant forest of trees from the Jomon period that was buried by the eruption of Mt. There is Mononobe Shrine, known as Iwami Ichinomiya, which enshrines the ancestors of the clan.

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  • About 45 minutes by bus from JR Sanin Main Line Ota City Station, Bus Center.
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