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Iki Yumoto Hot Spring

Japan, 〒8115556 Tateishi, Katsumoto-cho, Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Iki Island is an island of natural beauty and scenic beauty, located in the Genkai Sea, about 70 km northwest of Hakata Port in Fukuoka Prefecture and about 40 km north of Karatsu Port in Saga Prefecture. The entire island of Iki is designated as Iki-Tsushima Quasi-National Park. Yunomoto Onsen is a charming hot spring village that gushes out from the inlet of Yunomoto Bay in the northwestern part of Iki Island. Legend has it that when Empress Jingu visited Iki, the hot spring that gushed out on the side of the road in Yunomoto was used as the first bath for the birth of her son (Emperor Ojin), and it is also known as Kodakara no Yu. . Near the hot spring village, there are tourist facilities such as the Iki Country Club (9 holes) and the Dolphin Park, as well as the Katsumoto Morning Market, as well as nationally designated historical sites such as the Iki Burial Mounds and the Katsumoto Castle Ruins. Among them, the Iki Municipal Ichigoku Museum, which opened in March 2010, is a must-see spot where you can enjoy learning about the history of Iki, which has prospered through trade and exchange via the sea since ancient times. It is also a base facility for disseminating various types of information, and we would like people who visit Iki to visit it. As for the taste, which is one of the pleasures of traveling, the dining table is full of fresh seasonal seafood, including abalone, turban shell, and sea urchin. In addition, Iki is the birthplace of barley shochu, and has been designated as a geographical indication production area by the WTO as ``Iki shochu''. Iki shochu is characterized by its mellow yet mellow taste and easy drinking.

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Telephone number 0920-48-1111
  • 2 hours and 10 minutes by ferry from Hakata Wharf. 1 hour 10 minutes by Jetfoil.
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