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[Shizuoka/Izu] Bamboo grove path

Japan, Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2416

The bamboo grove is a walking path along the Katsura River that runs through the center of the Shuzenji hot spring town. It has been maintained for three years since 1994 and is a popular tourist spot where you can fully enjoy nature in a quiet environment. As you walk along the path of the bamboo grove, you will feel nostalgic for the teahouse and the fire watchtower, and if you sit on the large circular bamboo bench in the middle of the bamboo grove, you can feel the breeze passing through the bamboo grove. It is lit up from around 18:00 to around 23:00, and you can enjoy a fantastic night walk. We also recommend the art spot that is held for a limited time from around 20:00.

  • [Train/Bus] Mishima Station → Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu Line [to Shuzenji] → Shuzenji Station Approximately 35 minutes Shuzenji Station → Tokai Bus/Izu Hakone Bus [to Shuzenji Onsen] → Shuzenji Onsen about 10 minutes 【car】 Tomei Numazu IC/Shin Tomei Nagaizumi Numazu IC → Izu Jukan Expressway → Izu Chuo Expressway → Shuzenji Road → Shuzenji IC → Prefectural Route 18 Approx. 35 minutes
Wi-Fi Yes
Language 日本語
Other Please use the nearest pay parking lot when you come by car.
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