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Shuzenji Onsen day-use hot spring Hakoyu

Japan, 925 Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2416

Shuzenji, which has prospered as the oldest hot spring resort in Izu, used to have seven public baths along the riverside, each of which was crowded with bathers. However, in the 20's of the Showa era, there was only "Tokko no Yu", and it was only a reminder of the past. Therefore, we opened the open-air bath "Hakoyu" with a 12-meter high Gokuro (boro), so that customers can visit the hot springs again and enjoy the hot springs to the fullest. “Hakoyu” is a legendary hot spring where Minamoto no Yoriie, the second shogun of the Kamakura shogunate, bathed long ago. (made of cypress) Unlike the popular day-trip bathing facilities, it is extremely simple with only an indoor bath, but the overflowing hot spring is full of cypress scent. On sunny days, a shower of light glistens down from the skylight. Relax and enjoy the hot spring atmosphere.

Telephone number 0558-72-2501
Language 日本語
Other Usage fee ● General (elementary school students and older) 350 yen ● 150 yen for hotel guests who are members of the inn association *If you are staying at the hotel, please purchase a discount bathing ticket at the inn where you are staying. business hours ● General (elementary school students and older) 350 yen Noon to 9:00 p.m. (tickets stop at 8:30 p.m.) Depending on the future situation of the new coronavirus, we may be temporarily closed without notice. Items for sale ●Towel ¥100 ●Soap ¥50 ●Shampoo & Conditioner ¥50  Parking: Hakoyu does not have a parking lot. If you are traveling by car, please use the nearby pay parking lot.
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