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Tsuruga Station

Japan, 914-0055 1-1-24 Kannawa-cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture

At Tsuruga Station, the platform in the foreground is the current conventional line, and the large building in the back is the new station building after the Hokuriku Shinkansen is extended in March 2024. It was designed with the concept of ``a station in the sky, surrounded by nature and overlooking the port.'' The height of the station building is approximately 37 meters, which is equivalent to a 12-story building. It has a three-story structure with the Shinkansen platform on the third floor, the concourse on the second floor, and the conventional limited express platform on the first floor. The station building expresses the sparkle of the waves of Tsuruga Bay with glass windows, white walls, and garari (air vents attached to the wall). When you arrive at JR Tsuruga Station, there is a bus stop at the rotary where Tsuruga city circulation buses and community buses arrive and depart, making it convenient to use. Taxis are also available.

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