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Japan, 4084 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture 398-0002

There is a story related to water in Omachi, and it is called the story of ``Woman Shimizu and Man Shimizu.'' ``A long time ago, the water that people drank was different on the east and west sides of the street that divided the center of the town into north and south.The people on the east side drank spring water from a pond called Iyari in Higashiyama, and on the west side they drank water from a spring in Shirasawa in the Northern Alps. However, in the eastern villages, only girls were born, and in the western villages, only boys were born.At some point, people began to use the water from Iya-sato as Onna-mizu, and the water from Shirasawa. It is said that this water came to be called Otokomizu (Otokomizu).Feel the different tastes of the water due to the different water sources. There are several spots where you can sample water for free. Please check the MAP from the URL below.

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