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Rice terraces at Sannoji Temple

Japan, 699-1241 588 Sannoji, Daito-cho, Unnan-shi, Shimane Prefecture

100 selected rice terraces in Japan. Led by the local executive committee, we are working to increase the number of people interacting with us through initiatives such as the rice field owner system. In addition to rice, rice cultivation and cotton are also actively cultivated, allowing you to experience the lives of people who value biodiversity.

Telephone number 0854-47-7878
  • Approximately 20 minutes by car from Izumo Daito Station on the JR Kisuki Line Approximately 30 minutes by car from Matsue Expressway Mitouya Kiji IC or approximately 30 minutes by car from Matsue Bypass Matsue Nishi IC
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2024.03.12   Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture

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