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Yoshida townscape

Japan, 2533 Yoshida, Yoshida-cho, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture 690-2801

The townscape of a business castle town that was formed around the residences of the managers of Japan's ancient iron manufacturing method, ``Tatara Iron Works,'' remains. In addition to the Shirakabe Dozo Group, there is also the ``Iron History Museum'', a Japanese sweets shop, and a store selling iron products. A statue of Kannon created by sculptor Shin Naito is enshrined in nearby Yoshida Park.

  • Approximately 5 minutes by car from the Yoshida Kakeya Interchange on the San-in Expressway Onomichi Matsue Line "Tataraba Ichibanchi".
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Last Update : 2024.03.12   Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture

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