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Homangu Shrine Kamado Shrine Shimomiya

Japan, 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 818-0115

Kamado Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture is known as a shrine for matchmaking, and is located at the foot of Mount Homan. This shrine has also attracted attention as a sacred place for the popular anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba." The stairs leading to the shrine quickly transform into a tunnel of autumn leaves in the fall. During the autumn foliage season, the shrine is also lit up at night, making it a wonderful place that can be enjoyed not only during the day but also at night.

Business Time
  • Monday:  8:30~18:00
  • Tuesday:  8:30~18:00
  • Wednesday:  8:30~18:00
  • Thursday:  8:30~18:00
  • Friday:  8:30~18:00
  • Saturday:  8:30~18:00
  • Sunday:  8:30~18:00
Telephone number 092-922-4106
Language 日本語
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