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Slow Life Resort Ichigo no Sato Farm

Japan, 323-0058 408 Okawashima, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

Skyberry is a new variety born in the prefecture with the highest production volume in Japan. Skyberries are large and juicy! It has an elegant sweetness that will leave you impressed. ``Ichigo no Sato'' is the only tourist farm where you can enjoy picking Skyberry strawberries. When you go strawberry picking, you can enjoy the strawberries you have picked on the spot. Find some delicious-looking strawberries in our large strawberry field and enjoy plenty of them! (All-you-can-eat for 40 minutes) Both children and adults are sure to be satisfied! Additionally, the strawberry field is covered in plastic greenhouses, so you can safely enjoy strawberry picking even on rainy days. *Picked strawberries cannot be taken home. If you would like to take it home, please purchase it separately at the store. (Additional charge will apply)

Business Time
  • Monday:  9:00~18:00
  • Tuesday:  9:00~18:00
  • Wednesday:  9:00~18:00
  • Thursday:  9:00~18:00
  • Friday:  9:00~18:00
  • Saturday:  9:00~18:00
  • Sunday:  9:00~18:00
Telephone number 0285-33-1070
Language 日本語
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