Immerse Yourself in Art and History: Unveiling Tokyo's Museum at the Imperial Palace - Treasures of the Imperial Family at Sannomaru Shozokan

Awarded 1st place in the nation for 7 consecutive years! Illuminations at Ashikaga Flower Park! Enjoy the freshest strawberries in Japan at “Ichigo no Sato”! Enjoy a full day bus tour! [From Tokyo]

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After enjoying the sweet and sour strawberry picking and shopping at Sano Premium Outlets, which is home to about 180 popular brand shops and restaurants, you will be able to enjoy the popular spot ``Sano Premium Outlets'', which has been ranked number one in the national illumination rankings. This...

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The course is 1 day and 0 nights, and takes approximately 11 hours.

directions_bus_filled Bus

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Chartered bus ride and transportation *A guide and interpreter will accompany you on this tour.

●Departure time MIMARU TOKYO STATION EAST (9:20)
MIMARU Tokyo Ueno EAST (9:50)

Hanyu Parking Area (rest for about 15 minutes)

Hanyu parking area (downhill)

Surprised by the size and sweetness! Enjoy strawberry picking at “Strawberry Village”! (stayed for about 60 minutes)

Slow Life Resort Ichigo no Sato Farm

Approximately 180 brand shops and restaurants gather here! Enjoy lunch and shopping at Sano Premium Outlets! (Lunch and free stroll/shopping approximately 180 minutes stay)

Sano Premium Outlets

Ranked #1 in Japan in the illumination spot popularity ranking! Enjoy the colorful and sparkling beautiful scenery at Ashikaga Flower Park! (stayed for about 60 minutes)

Ashikaga Flower Park

Hanyu Parking Area (rest for about 15 minutes)

Hanyu parking area (inbound)

Arrive and dissolve by chartered bus *A guide and interpreter will accompany you on this tour.

●Arrival time MIMARU Tokyo Ueno EAST (scheduled for 19:40)
MIMARU TOKYO STATION EAST (scheduled for 20:10)

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