Shofu-en Garden

Shofu-en is a Japanese garden located on a hill in Hirao, Fukuoka"s Chuo ward. The former residence of Zenpachi Tanakamaru, the founder of a department store that thrived once in Fukuoka, the land was opened as Shofu-en Garden in 2007. Shofuan, a tea house built in the sukiya style, has been preserved the way it was constructed. Every corner of this garden is well-maintained with playfulness and sophistication. The tea house has natsume lanterns, made in the design and shape of a tea caddy, a large tea room with juraku walls that transform into a deep black as time goes by, and a small tea room with a wickerwork ceiling made with delicate craftsmanship. Enjoy the seasonal traditional sweet and matcha green tea set (300 yen) as you admire this beautiful garden. Shofu-en is the ideal place to experience the austerity and antiquity of Japanese culture discovered through the spirit and beauty of simple hospitality.