From Fukuoka, All Around Kyushu

Visiting Kyushu once is not enough!

Everyone who visits Fukuoka says that they would love to visit again! This city is the entrance to Kyushu, offering outstanding access to every area in the region. Walk through its streets and you'll find yourself in a constantly evolving, vbrant city.
Amazing foods like Hakata ramen, motsunabe (hot pot made with offal), and mentaiko (salted cod roe) attract customers with their aroma and colorful appearence at every corner. The city also keeps up with the latest fashion trends! On the other hand, traditional culture has been kept alive and is carefully handed down to the residents. Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, boasting a history of over one thousand years, and the energetic Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival are just two examples of Fukuoka's traditional culture.
Travel everywhere in Kyushu from Fukuoka! There's Oita, the hot spring heaven, Saga and its abundantly rich nature, Nagasaki and its beautiful hilly scenery, Kumamoto with the towering Kumamoto Castle, Miyazaki, the setting of Japanese myths, and Kagoshima, home to the picturesque Sakurajima Island. Kyushu has a developed public transportation system that include buses, railways, and more. Start your travels from Fukuoka, which is ideal as a base for your Kyushu explorations.
When your travels are about to end, you might just ask yourself “Where should I go next in Kyushu?”

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