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Wakura Onsen/Hot spring of Wakura


The name Wakura comes from the Japanese terms "Waku" (湧く) and "Ura" (浦). It means a place where the spring flows in from the ocean. It is said to have been discovered 1200 years ago by a fisherman who spotted a resting a white heron, or egret. There is a

Hot spring of Wakura | Noto Peninsula

Kanazawa is located in Ishikawa Prefecture and you can go there for only two and a half hours by Hokuriku-Shinkansen from Tokyo.

Wakura Onsen is also located on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture which is famous for the largest hot spring. And more,Wakura Onsen is surrounded by nature and a beautiful ocean so you can experience many programs,Japanese natural scenery and hot springs.You can go anywhere even if you stay for only few days because this area is not so wide.

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Wakura Onsen Tourism Association

Adress:Ishikawa-ken, Nanao City, Wakura-machi 2-13-1
Business Hours:8:30〜17:30