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Rub on Mud, and Get Warm! Another Way to Enjoy Wakura

Rub on Mud, and Get Warm! Another Way to Enjoy Wakura

Rub on Mud, and Get Warm! Another Way to Enjoy Wakura

Translated by Collin Radford

Written by OguraOsamu

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Translated by Collin Radford

Written by OguraOsamu


Wakura Onsen's water comes directly from the ocean. Because of this, the salt content is its distinctive feature. Springs that contain salt have many different effects, three of which are well known: there's the "antibacterial effect", which works on cuts and skin diseases; the "heating" effect, where salt adheres to the skin and prevents sweat from evaporating, which in turn prevents cooling; and the "restorative" effect, which shrinks pores and softens the skin. Normally you would experience these effects over a long period, after visiting the springs numerous times. But it's hard to find time for such a lengthy process. Now, there is a unique method you can use to enjoy all of these effects in a short period of time.

Hot Spring and Earth. The Italian Healing Method Born of Wakura's Two Claims to Fame


Introducing WAKURA BIO FANGO (和倉ビオファンゴ), a program where you become beautiful and healthy by lathering yourself with a mud packed with hot spring-nutrients. Wakura also has another famous product aside from onsens. Specifically, diatomite. Earth that contains fossilized diatoms (plankton) has many holes, and is able to retain large amounts of moisture and oils.


Wakura's fango is made using earth soaked for over a month in the onsen's water, which allows it to absorb its nutrients. Fango is Italian for curative mud used at hot springs. In Italy, there are treatments utilizing fango, and is known for its usage in curative therapies that are covered by public health insurance. It's being offered by the Wakura inn Daikanso (大観荘), which has paired with a company specializing in its creation and usage.

12kg of mud! A Muddy 60 minute Experience

The compatibility of earth and spring water taken from the same area stands out at Wakura Bio Fango. Let's get a little deeper!


First and foremost, there's counseling! Wakura Bio Fango is a place that anyone, from children to seniors, can enjoy, but it is also a thermotherapy center, and will answer any questions you may have.


First, they loosen the body with a massage, and then take the enriched fango and rub it onto the joint area, rather than the entire body. Apparently this method avoids putting pressure on the functions of the cardiopulmonary system. If you're not used to it, it might feel hot at first. But it works wonders. And the sensation of the mud is gentle and pleasant.


You almost look like a cocoon when you're wrapped in the insulating sheet and towelket (a blanket made for toweling). You remain in this position for 20 minutes. And as your body gradually heats up, you feel so good you could fall asleep. Afterwards, you wash off the sweat and mud in a shower, get into the onsen, and drink active hydrogen water to detoxify yourself. Due to the nutrients from the onsen penetrating your body, you remain toasty once you're done. You come out feeling very refreshed. The full course takes about 60 minutes. This is Wakura Bio Fango's new, no-soak way to enjoy yourself. Why not give it a try?


Wakura Bio Fango

Address: Ishikawa-ken, Nanao-shi, Wakuramachi 6-5-1
Business Hours: 9:00~19:00
Price Range: ¥6000
Phone Number:0767-62-1212
Language Accessibility: Japanese Only
Official Webpage: Reference Article:Wakura Bio Fango

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