MATCHA Monthly Feature #05 LGBTQ-Friendly Japan

Be Comfortable Being Yourself

There are many open, safe places in Japan for people of all orientations and identities, like Shinjuku Ni-Chome. This feature introduces these welcoming spaces: a temple run by a monk who underwent gender transformation surgery, an LGBTQ-friendly hotel, cafes and drag bars even first-time customers can visit, and more. Discover Japan's unique LGBTQ culture that celebrates all people and minorities.


Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jou Yuan


  • Shozenji, An LGBTQ Safe Temple Run By A Transgender Nun


    Shozenji Temple openly welcomes the LGBTQ community and was started by Soshuku Shibatani, the first transgender nun in Japan. Built based on the belief that gender distinction doesn't exist before Buddha, and that all should be able to live as themselves, this safe space is friendly to all.

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Fumi Kou


Editor - English
Jasmine Ortlieb


  • 3 Cozy LGBTQ-Friendly Cafes In Shinjuku


    Shinjuku Ni-chome is a globally famous gay district in Tokyo filled with bars and taverns. This article covers three LGBTQ-friendly cafes ideal for daytime visitors that are open in the afternoon. Read on to learn about these establishments that welcome people of all orientations and identities.

Miho Moriya



ISSUE 05 : LGBTQ-Friendly Japan

MATCHA Monthly Feature 2020.7.22