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Iwate Prefecture Coastal Regional Development Bureau
We are the Iwate Prefecture Coastal Regional Development Bureau. We promote the vast coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture! The coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture are full of attractions, such as beautiful coastal scenery and delicious seafood. We provide information on the Sanriku Geopark and the Michinoku Coastal Trail.

Hello! This is the Iwate Prefectural Coastal Regional Development Bureau, which is responsible for the coastal areas of the Iwate Prefectural Government. We are responsible for 13 coastal municipalities from Tanohata Village in the north to Rikuzentakata City in the south. On March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake struck this area. Although we suffered enormous damage, we have been on the road to recovery thanks to support from all over the world. The area also places great emphasis on disaster prevention education, and has earthquake relics and facilities to pass on the history of the disaster. You can experience the history of reconstruction by walking with a guide. [Famous places in the north] Tanohata Village is home to Kitayamazaki, a series of 200-meter-high cliffs; Iwaizumi Town has Ryusen-do, one of Japan's three largest limestone caves; Miyako City has Jodogahama, a beach of pure white stones said to resemble paradise; and Yamada Town has Oranda Island, a small island floating in a calm bay. The Sanriku Railway is the perfect way to enjoy this region. Take a leisurely ride on the local line and enjoy the scenery from the train window. [Famous places in the middle] In Otsuchi town, you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains, such as Horai Island, affectionately known to the locals as "Hyotan Island," and in Kamaishi city, the site of Japan's oldest surviving Western-style blast furnace, the Hashino Iron Mine, a registered World Heritage Site. This area is also famous for its local performing arts such as Toramai and Shishi Odori, and you can experience these ancient traditions at events and festivals. [Famous places in the south] There are many spots where you can experience the region's unique nature and culture, such as Goishi Coast in Ofunato, where you can enjoy the varied scenery of the rias coast; the Iwate Tsunami Memorial Museum in Rikuzentakata, which disseminates the facts and lessons learned from the tsunami; and Roukando Cave , a limestone cave with one of Japan's largest waterfalls inside a cave in Sumita town. This is an area where you can enjoy the blessings brought by the majestic nature while also learning the wisdom and lessons of coexisting with the threats of nature. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

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