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Kyoto tea country(Ocha no Kyoto)
Kyoto, the home of Japanese tea – the place where you can taste the best green tea in the world

Since tea was brought to Japan from China, Kyoto and Minamiyamashiro have improved their tea production technology, and have produced matcha, which is used in tea ceremonies, sencha, which is widely drunk today, and is widely used worldwide as a high-class tea. It produced the well-known “Gyokuro”. This region has a history of producing a wide variety of top-quality teas for about 800 years, leading the development of Japan's tea drinking culture, including the tea ceremony, which is a characteristic Japanese culture, from the production and tea production aspects. It is the only place where representative examples such as unique and beautiful tea plantations, tea wholesalers, and tea festivals, etc., which have been handed down to the present while preserving the scenery of each stage of development, are preserved in excellent condition.

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