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Dyeing experience space SOMENOVA
An experience space run by a dye shop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, founded in 1890. We share the fun and wonder of Japanese dyeing through our hands-on experience. We offer the widest variety of dyeing experience courses in Tokyo, from traditional dyeing to simple dyeing. We also hold classes on how to use dyes, provide a dyeing area where you can dye your own clothes, and are a store where you can purchase all Miyako-zome products.

The dye brand Miyakozome is one of Japan's leading household dyes. We are the only dye brand in Japan that is particular about in-house production, in order to provide households with products of reliable quality and high safety. In 2017, we were the first in the world to receive an eco-passport for hand-dyes at home. We are confident in our ``100 Years of Colors,'' ``Japanese Colors,'' which have been patronized for over 100 years, and our ``Handmade Colors,'' which are each made with sincerity. Dyeing is a traditional Japanese culture. SOMENOVA is a place where you can easily enjoy the dyeing experience that was once popular. You can come empty-handed while shopping. Please stop by once.

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