A rare mini experience of Japanese traditional crafts [Dyeing and weaving bamboo crafts]

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Japanese bamboo crafts have a long history, and it is said that they were loved by samurai during the Edo period, and their beautiful shapes developed as a result. On this day only, a mini experience will be held in Tokyo, where you will be taught by a bamboo artist from Oita Prefecture, a bamboo pr...

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Finished product (bamboo ball accessories)<br>
Finished product (bamboo ball accessories)

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Somenova, 5F dyeing experience space, 14-7, Nihonbashi Kofunecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Please contact us by email: 📩 somenova@katsuraya-finegoods.com

Course Introduction:

This three-hour mini experience is a very intensive experience where you can enjoy both dyeing and making bamboo strips at the same time. However, professional bamboo artists will provide detailed instruction so that anyone can participate and have a fun experience.

1. Weaving the bamboo strips (Enjoy the feel of high-quality Oita bamboo as you weave the bamboo ball)

2. The woven bamboo strips are dyed. We use Japanese eco-dyes (Miyako dyes) that are suitable for the natural material of bamboo. Miyako dyes were founded in 1890 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The colors have long been loved by Japanese people and are said to be very Japanese, matching well with the texture of the bamboo.

3. Drying

4. Thread a string to make an accessory.

On the day, you will also be able to watch a demonstration of bamboo crafts by the instructor, a bamboo artist.

Bamboo stick production scene<br>
Bamboo stick production scene

Speaker introduction:

Mr. Kojima

While placing importance on designs that utilize the traditional techniques of Oita Prefecture's traditional craft "Beppu Bamboo Crafts," he is also actively working in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, challenging himself to create works that are not limited to bamboo materials. He is also a hybrid artist who performs.

Mr. Kojimachikara<br>
Mr. Kojima


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