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“Local treasures global”

“Kotozukuri”, “Manufacturing”, “Place creation” We will utilize people and local resources through the power of tourism to create and develop ``places of tourism.'' Utilizing the personal connections of Kochi, where O-SHIKOKU Representative was born and raised, we will plan a profound "trip to Kochi" that you have never experienced before. The appeal of Kochi is its ``diverse nature, from ski resorts to coral reefs,'' ``the food ranked No. 1 in Japan in terms of satisfaction by a research company,'' and ``a history centered on the end of the Sengoku period, which moved Japan.'' I think it's a person. The culture of the people born from the dynamic Kuroshio Current, Japan's highest forest rate and sunshine rate, isolated by the mountains and the sea, and the traditions and history that fostered ``Okyaku'', ``Osekkai'', and ``Osetai'' are still being preserved today. I am acutely aware that the appeal of Kochi is that there are many people who have inherited this tradition. We would like to connect with those who have inherited our mission and our customers who are fans of Kochi through travel, and to get to know Kochi broadly and profoundly. The trips proposed by O-SHIKOKU TOUR are plans that will give you an experience like no other. I want you to experience Kochi in a way that cannot be expressed in words. ``I want to go to places that are crowded with locals to eat and experience,'' ``I want to know about Kochi that I've never seen before,'' ``I want to go on a trip where I can fully experience the traditions, history, and interactions between people,'' etc. ``I want to love Kochi even more.'' If you want to become a member of Kochi, want to experience Kochi deeply, or connect with Kochi, please contact us.  


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