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Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd.
Creating tomorrow with fun and excitement

Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd. regards the creation and dissemination of culture and art as a business in relation to society. We aim to convey excitement and always provide maximum satisfaction and excitement to all customers. In order to satisfy and impress our customers, we will constantly pursue high quality based on the three pillars of "high-quality planning", "creation of a good environment", and "maintenance of high-quality services". We also operate Bunkamura, Tokyu Theater Orb, and Cerulean Tower Noh Theater in Shibuya, Tokyo. All cultural facilities are centered on original projects that make use of the characteristics of the venue, creating and disseminating high-quality culture. In addition, we are also working to introduce common themes across genres and facilities as a way to help you experience a wide range of culture and art.

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