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The popular Instagram community ``Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA)'', which boasts over 1.85 million followers, is holding an exhibition!

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The Wes Anderson Landscape Exhibition, which will be held in April and May 2023 at Warehouse Terada (Tennozu, Tokyo) for the first time in Japan, has become a hot topic on SNS. Due to its great success, it will be held again in Shibuya in the winter of 2023. ********* Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA...

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What does it mean to be “too Wes Anderson”?

``Wes Anderson's Extreme Landscape Exhibition: The world around you is full of hints for travel'' is a popular Instagram community with over 1.88 million followers. )” was born from this exhibition. AWA is a community site where people who post pictures of places they happen to come across in real life that seem like they might appear in Wes Anderson's movies and interact with each other through the photos. The rest of the pieces are featured in this exhibition.

Wes Anderson is a genius film director known for works such as ``The Royal Tenenbaums'' (2001), ``The Darjeeling Express'' (2007), and ``The Grand Budapest Hotel'' (2014). Although he is not the type to create entertainment that will appeal to everyone, he has gained tremendous support from fans who admire his unique world view that cannot be imitated by other directors. So, what is so unique about Wes Anderson's worldview?

A colorful and kitschy world built like a miniature garden

The first feature that stands out is its neat, symmetrical images. Photographs of neatly arranged buildings and equipment are taken from the front, with a focus on symmetry by using bird's-eye views (pulling compositions) more often than close-ups. In addition, the camera position is basically fixed, and if you want to capture a moving person, dolly photography (a method in which the camera is placed on a trolley and taken while moving horizontally) is used. The video created by combining these techniques is a picture no matter what cut it takes, and at the same time, it gives a humorous and warm feeling, as if you were observing the characters in a miniature garden.

He also has a unique sense of color, using vibrant key colors to unify his worldview in each work, such as light blue in ``Life Aquatic'' (2005) and yellow in ``Moonrise Kingdom'' (2012). Coupled with the detailed art of the sets and costumes, the kitschness is sure to make your heart flutter. In particular, ``The Grand Budapest Hotel,'' which is based on pastel pink, won four Academy Awards in the categories of art, costume design, makeup and hairstyling, and music composition. This work can be said to be the true essence of Anderson's aesthetics. We must not forget the role of art director Adam Stockhausen, who won the Academy Award for Art Design for ``The Grand Budapest Hotel,'' as a key figure in physically embodying Anderson's unique aesthetic sense. The sets he creates are artificially created, giving an impression of a timeless and extraordinary feel. The latest work "Asteroid City", which was released in Japan in September of this year, depicts a desert town with a "really" retro feel reminiscent of 1950s America, all set in pop pastel colors. I created it. The artificial visuals constructed in this way emphasize the allegorical nature of the story and create a sense of excitement, as if you were watching a fantasy picture scroll.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of traveling through a nostalgic and photogenic photo exhibition!

In the ``Wes Anderson Landscape Exhibition,'' a number of landscape photographs that convey this enchanting essence are displayed, categorized by keywords such as ``The Terminal,'' ``Cities to Explore,'' and ``Relax in Nature.'' Photos can be taken at the venue, and as you tour each nostalgic and photogenic area, you can experience a simulated journey to secret places around the world. Furthermore, in the exhibition that will be held again at Hikarie Hall from November 25th, a new area "Antarctica" will be introduced for the first time in Japan. You can enjoy an Instagrammable and immersive experience perfect for winter that transports you to the silver world of Antarctica. Which came first, the exhibition or the movie? The entrance varies from person to person, but why not take a peek into the world of Wes Anderson? After experiencing a fashionable world that resembles a fable, if you suddenly turn your attention to your surroundings, you will find that the world you are in now looks different than usual.

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