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Sushi Muragawa
A sushi restaurant where you can enjoy ingredients that the Osaka/Senshu region is proud of.

We aim to be a theme park-like place where you can enjoy the excitement of changing the ingredients and cooking them in a variety of ways using various ingredients from the Senshu area. Prices are provided on a flat rate basis. High-end sushi restaurants with counters offer sushi at current prices, so prices are often not written on the menu, making it difficult for beginners to try sushi, but we hope you will enjoy the taste of high-class restaurants more casually and to your heart's content. can do. In addition, as part of the real thrill of local production for local consumption, we purchase the best ingredients caught by local fishermen on the same day, delivered directly to you. In the common sense for restaurants, the ingredients ordered from a wholesaler are delivered and the food is prepared, but what is often seen in restaurants in rural Europe is that the producers themselves take the ingredients they have picked in the morning and send them to the chef. You come to the sale, buy it, and decide on the day's course menu. Eating local food is the most delicious, and there is no waste. At Sushi Muragawa, we are conscious of not wasting ingredients from a sustainable perspective. For foreigners, we have a special plan where you can experience being a sushi chef (every Wednesday only). The owner of Sushi Muragawa is a graduate of the Osaka Culinary and Confectionery College. As a simulation place for graduates to open their own businesses, it also provides support and incubation for graduates. The owner, Sakaguchi, is a chef who trained at famous restaurants in Kansai and Nagoya, and was inspired to become the owner after his alma mater consulted with him about his desire to open his own business in his hometown by the age of 40. Opening your own business is a life-long challenge, and before taking on that challenge, Sushi Muragawa offers an environment where you can test your skills and take on various challenges, taking into account experimental elements.

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