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Bouton/Bokakuan is a community space and private lodging located in a corner of the shopping district. Bouton: A place that creates a quiet flow, connecting places that communicate from one small town to another Bokakuan: A journey between the everyday and the margins of the everyday

Bouton/Bokakuan is a space created by renovating a former craft store and residence in a corner of a shopping street in Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The banks of the Onga River, which flows through the center of the city, and Mount Fukuchi, which can be viewed from the riverbed, are very beautiful. The city center, where time flows peacefully, is a place where you can spend your time at a leisurely pace. I enjoy listening to people's stories, reading books, taking photos, and taking walks. I also cherish my time by tending to the garden at Bokakuan. Please come and have a nice chat and share some quiet time together.

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