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Toyohashi Tourism and Convention Association
Toyohashi City, the birthplace of hand-held fireworks, where history, culture and industry thrive

■Introduction to Toyohashi City Toyohashi City is located in the southeastern tip of Aichi Prefecture, bordering Shizuoka Prefecture to the east, facing the Pacific Ocean to the south and Mikawa Bay to the west, and is blessed with rich nature and a warm climate. It is also located almost halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, and is easily accessible, serving as a gateway to the Atsumi Peninsula and the East Mikawa region. ■Introduction to Toyohashi's food culture In addition to traditional food culture such as Toyohashi chikuwa, nameshi dengaku, Mikawa tsukudani, and hama natto, you can also enjoy the new local gourmet food "Toyohashi curry udon". ■Introduction to Toyohashi's culture and industry Traditional culture such as hand-held fireworks, which have a history of over 450 years, and the Toyohashi Oni Festival, which has been handed down for over 1,000 years, have been passed down and are playing a major role in tourism. Toyohashi brushes, a traditional craft, are widely known as high-quality brushes. In addition, the city's tram, one of the few in the country, is popular with local residents and has attracted attention as an environmentally friendly form of transportation. ■Toyohashi Tourism and Convention Association The purpose of the association is to analyze the regional resources of Toyohashi City and its surrounding areas, strategically improve and utilize them to promote the healthy development of tourism and convention businesses, thereby contributing to the revitalization of the local economy and community.

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