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MATCHA MONTHLY FEATURE #03 Japan's Otaku Culture

Explore the complex world of otaku in Japan

This special issue began because we love hearing what people are passionate about. We interviewed a woman who wrote her thesis on cheerleading, a kitchen tool-obsessed business owner in Kappabashi, and a natto expert who shares her love for fermented soybeans on social media. There are plenty of nerdy obsessions within MATCHA’s editorial team, too. From a serious Japanese rock fan to a dedicated Comic Market visitor, to an editor enthralled with hilly roads in Tokyo, there’s a lot of unique interests to discover!


  • 9 Famous Tokyo Hills Related To Idol Groups, Anime, And History


    Did you know Tokyo has many hilly roads? From slopes that Japanese idol groups are named after, to hilly views famous in anime and dramas, there is hidden beauty in the ups and downs of this capital city. MATCHA introduces nine Tokyo hills that you’ll want to climb and capture on camera yourself.

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jung


  • Japanese Rock Music - More Than Meets The Eye

    Visual kei is a type of Japanese rock music that is incredibly unique in sound and style. Enjoying great popularity worldwide, it is the reason for many people to come to Japan or learn Japanese. Since I am a big fan of this rock genre myself, let me introduce to you what visual kei is all about.

Editor - English
Chiara Mischke


Editor - English
Jasmine Ortlieb


  • It's All About Passion! The Otaku's Travel Guide To Japan

    Whether it's for manga, anime, or videogames, fans of these subcultures all dream of visiting Japan! Our Thai editor, a self-professed otaku, introduces activities that any otaku should enjoy in Japan aside from shopping for merchandise, such as anime location tours and visiting butler cafes.

Editor in Chief - Thai


Editor in Chief - Japanese
Kousuke Deki


Miho Moriya


Editor - Traditional Chinese
Fumi Kou

ISSUE 03 : Japan's Otaku Culture

MATCHA Monthly Feature 2020.3.25