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Kisoji Nakasendo

Japan, 〒399-6201 Yabuhara, Kiso Village, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Nakasendo is one of the five highways of the Edo period, connecting Kyoto and Edo. Nakasendo is also called "Kisoji" because it passes through Kiso, and it was actively used for daimyo (feudal lords) and imperial family members. There are 69 post stations along the 540 km road, 11 of which are in Kiso. The Kisoji stretches along the Kiso River, crossing steep passes, passing through deep valleys, and weaving through the bottom of mountains. In a distant time, the lively voices of the inns and the lights of the paper lanterns echo warmly in our hearts. Nakasendo used to be an important highway that connected the western and eastern parts of Japan. Unlike the Tokaido, which has river stop Oigawa, Hamana-no-watashi, and Kuwana-no-watashi, Nakasendo has almost no water inconvenience, so many women walked this road.

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  • [Electric train] Shinjuku Station ⇩ JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express Azusa + JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express Shinano (transfer at Shiojiri Station) 3 hours 30 minutes 7060 yen Kisofukushima Station [car] Nagano Expressway Shiojiri IC ⇩ National Route 20/19 About 43 km 1 hour 10 minutes Kisofukushima Station [inquiry] Kiso Town Tourism Association 0264-22-4000 Shiojiri Tourism Association 0263-54-2001 Agematsu Tourism Association 0264-52-1133
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