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Dashi no Sato Takemasa Shoten

Japan, 507-8 Nakahama, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0318

We manufacture and sell Soda-bushi, a special product of Tosashimizu. Established in the first year of the Taisho era, we have inherited the traditional manufacturing method for over 100 years. Known as the source of the strong umami flavor of the soup stock, fresh mejika (Soda bonito) landed at the port is carefully smoked over a period of one week to create a traditional taste. In addition to shopping, you can also enjoy dining and tours (advance reservation required).

Telephone number 0880-82-9208
  • [Car] Along Prefectural Route 27 [Bus] Kochi Seinan Kotsu Bus "Nakanohama Pass"
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2023.12.15   Hata Region Tourism Bureau

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