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Shimanto River Sightseeing Boat ”Senba” Roman Matsuhiroya

Japan, 16 Irita, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0020

"舟母" is read as "senba", and from the middle of the Meiji era to the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, it carried transportation and daily necessities along the Shimanto River basin. Because the Shimanto River is a large, gentle river, it was possible to travel several tens of kilometers on a sailing boat. At "Senba Roman Matsuhiroya", you can enjoy sightseeing on a boat carrier. The sailing boat, which is pushed by the wind and moves quietly, makes you feel closer to the nature of Shimanto.

Business Time
  • Monday:  9:00~17:00
  • Tuesday:  9:00~17:00
  • Wednesday:  9:00~17:00
  • Thursday:  9:00~17:00
  • Friday:  9:00~17:00
  • Saturday:  9:00~17:00
  • Sunday:  9:00~17:00
Telephone number 090-9458-3644
  • About 15 minutes by car from Tosa Kuroshio Railway "Nakamura Station"
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2023.08.01   Hata Region Tourism Bureau

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