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Hida Takayama Retro Museum

Japan, 4-7 Shinmeicho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 5060821

Hida Takayama Retro Museum is a place where you can enjoy a retro Showa era atmosphere that resembles a drama set. While walking through the streets that make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the 1940s to 1950s, you can actually see, take photos of, and play with figurines, magazines, posters, toys, games, and retro Showa pachinko machines. This is an experiential Showa-kan where you can experience things. There is a candy store at the entrance, full of nostalgic sweets! You can experience the life and culture of the Showa era through elementary schools, realistically recreated Showa townscapes, hospitals, and barbershops. The museum is full of exciting things to see, such as Showa era movie posters and manga. You can also take a fun souvenir photo that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the Showa era, which is Instagrammable.

Business Time
  • Monday:  10:00~17:00
  • Tuesday:  10:00~17:00
  • Wednesday:  10:00~17:00
  • Thursday:  10:00~17:00
  • Friday:  10:00~17:00
  • Saturday:  10:00~17:00
  • Sunday:  10:00~17:00
Telephone number 0577-70-8384
  • 15 minutes walk from Takayama Station
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2023.12.27   Hida Takayama Tourism and Convention Association

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