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Japan, 873-0001 665-429 Kitsuki, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture

Wakae-ya was operated under the name ``Otani-ya'' during the Edo period. When the era changed to the Meiji era, the name was given to it by the feudal lord as ``Wakae-ya,'' meaning ``young and prosperous.'' A long time ago, a feudal lord of Kitsuki ate Otani-ya (then Wakae-ya) sea bream chazuke and said, ``I'm so happy!'' From there, this sea bream chazuke was named ``Ureshino.'' Tai Chazuke Ureshino has been passed down from generation to generation by Wakaeya. Today, the 16th generation of the family has inherited and protects this flavor. We sincerely hope that together with our customers, we can continue to pass on Wakaeya's proud taste of ``Tai Chazuke Ureshino.''

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