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What`s Ochazuke?

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Tea and Rice Ochazuke mainly refers to a dish made by pouring tea over rice. The way of eating rice with soup is common in various regions of the world, but the way of eating it with tea is rare even in the world.

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A lot of kinds of Ochazuke

From the Edo period onwards, it became popular to add toppings to ochazuke.

For example, people began to put their favorite foods on it as toppings, such as pickled plums, pickled vegetables, salmon, seaweed, and sashimi of fish such as wasabi and tuna.

Hot or cool?

Generally, hot liquids (hot tea or dashi stock) are used for ochazuke, but in hot seasons like midsummer, it is not uncommon for people to use cold tea to enjoy the cold texture.

Japanese food that continues to be loved

Nowadays, Ochazuke is eaten in various situations.

Since the creation of instant ochazuke, you can easily make ochazuke at home as long as you have rice, and it is sometimes served as the last dish at a Japanese banquet.

Ochazuke is a dish with a long history, but it has also been widely enjoyed in modern society.

Sea bream chazuke

Ochazuke, which is topped with sea bream sashimi tossed in sesame sauce, is called tai chazuke.
This time we will introduce a famous restaurant with a history of over 300 years.

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The specialty dish of a Japanese-style restaurant called Wakae-ya, located in a corner of the castle town of Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture, is ``Tai Chazuke.''

A long time ago, a feudal lord from Kitsuki ate the sea bream chazuke made here and praised it, saying, "It's so nice." Since its founding, the taste has been passed down from generation to generation, and now, in its 16th generation, the taste has been preserved.

Heirloom sesame sauce

The key to its deliciousness is the sesame sauce. Fresh sea bream fillets are marinated in a sesame sauce made with carefully selected sesame seeds and seasoned with soy sauce, served over hot rice, and served with piping hot tea.

Anytime, anywhere

You can come to our store and enjoy this sea bream chazuke that has been preserved for over 300 years.

In order to allow more people to enjoy Tai Chazuke, we have released a frozen vacuum-packed product.
You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

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Please come and try Wakaeya's sea bream chazuke "Ureshino".

The etiquette for eating delicious food is very mysterious, so please come and experience it for yourself.

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