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Yataro Iwasaki birthplace

Japan, 784-0051 Kochi Inokuchi, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture

This house was built by Yataro's great-grandfather, Yajiemon, around 1795 after selling the shares of a local samurai.It is a one-story, thatched, one-story house with a floor space of about 30 tsubo. You can see the pot (potato storage hole). Additionally, the bath and toilet are located in a separate building. The crest of the Iwasaki family, ``Sankai Rhishi,'' is engraved on the onigawara of the storehouse in Yataro Iwasaki's birthplace, and is said to be the prototype of the current Mitsubishi mark. Also, if you look at the garden from the parlor of Yataro's birthplace, you will see a small garden with stone structures. It is said that when Yataro was a boy, he built this himself in imitation of the Japanese archipelago, entrusting him with his dream of conquering the world.

  • About 10 minutes by car from Aki Station on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen-Nahari Line Approximately 20 minutes by rental bicycle from Aki Station
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